Monday, July 16, 2012

Is Cloth Diapering the new Breast Feeding?

Hot damn people like to debate on the most random things!

"We are going to cloth diaper"= so many ridiculous responses!

 I made the decision before we conceived Bremy that we'd give cloth diapering a try. I'd been introduced to the "new" way of cloth diapering and was in awe of how easy they were and how cost effective. I've been doing some research on brands, methods and do's and don'ts since that time. And after really thinking it over, I think it's a great decision for our family. Even B is on board after seeing several friends make it work. I'm a little nervous about the laundry and having enough of a supply--but all in all I think it's going to work. 

What I didn't anticipate was the backlash. I don't think I'd ever told friends/family that we'd be cloth diapering Bremy as we lost her before those topics really came up. This time, it's come up and I've seriously been met with so much judgement. Mostly from people who have no idea what's out there and how easy it is these days. Even my mom was really opposed until I showed her how they work. The thing is, as a first time mom, the comments kind of sting. What I've noticed is that this is a subject that people do not hold back on. Everyone seems to have an opinion and they seem willing to share it with me, even if it's really not very nice. What I don't understand is that it's not as though these particular people will ever have to change my daughter's diaper, so it just seems strange that they care so much!

I read this post before I received much backlash myself, but now that I'm getting the comments I can completely relate. It reminds me a lot of the breast feeding/formula feeding debate. Everyone seems to have an opinion even though they usually only have experience with one side. 

I'm working on my responses to these comments as they usually catch me off guard. I do plan on having a supply of disposables just in case, but am really hoping we can make cloth diapering work for us!

If anyone has any tips or suggestions I'd love to hear them!


  1. FOR SERIOUS. You'd think I said that I wanted to put our baby in our alley dumpster at night instead of a crib. People act like it's a crime. Or, just disgusting.

    I tend to find myself going to, "I know it's not for everyone. But I think it's worth a shot!" That's the best I can do without feeling really defensive or annoyed. :)

  2. Oh you can soo do it and it is really easy! And you are very right, they will not be changing it so what the heck is the big deal?? And no matter if it is a cloth or a regular diaper, it's still poop and it still has to be changed and it still stinks! ;) And what better place for the poop than in the toilet?!? And when she gets older and the poop is a little more... clumpy if you will, they have these amazing little toilet paper-like inserts that can be flushed. I have 3 kids and I cloth diaper, yes it's a bit extra laundry, but WAY cheaper and no harsh chemicials on her tiny little hiney!! If you want some fiery come-back aske them why in the world they wouldn't cloth!! hahahaha:)