Monday, July 23, 2012

29 Weeks!

 How Far Along: We have made it through week 29!

Size of Baby as Relative to Common Household Fruit or Vegetable: Baby is the size of a cabbage, is nearly 16 inches long and about three pounds. I'm guessing our girl is a little bigger than that average. 

Weight Gain:  25 horrible, embarrassing ridiculous pounds 

Gender: Sweet little beautiful girl!

Movement: Her movement is not consistent, but as soon as I worry she gives me a little jab. They aren't as forceful as they were a couple weeks ago. 

Sleep: Not sleeping as well as I was. I have trouble staying asleep most nights 
What I miss: This week I really, really missed my grandma. Which isn't exactly pregnancy related, but it was very hard to have a baby shower without her there. 
Cravings: nothing noticeable this week

Symptoms: My back is starting to really hurt!
Best moment of the week: My baby shower absolutely blew me away. I had no say in it-which is so hard for me. I told them colors and they went to town. I'm pretty hard to impress and this was the most beautiful baby shower I'd ever seen. The colors, the details, the feel were just SO me. I've never seen anything like it and I know my girls worked their butts off getting it all together. I get teary just thinking about it. It was overwhelmingly amazing to have so many of my favorite women surrounding me on Saturday. The only thing I would have changed was the out of control heat!
Worst moment of the week: Can't think of anything too terrible except missing my grams tremendously and feeling incredibly hot all the time!

I'm working on a post of my shower! A photographer friend had planned on coming and taking pictures, and at the last minute got called in to her day job and could not make it. I was bummed because I didn't have time to capture all of the details like I'd wanted to. But I did get some great pics.


  1. Can't wait to see shower pics ! Congrats to 29 weeks!

  2. Your are lucky , because you are facing only back pain symptom. Congrats for your 29 week.