Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dear Baby,

Right now you are kickin' me like crazy and I love it. Little faint jabs all over. I feel you moving every time I touch my belly. Just when I was saying you had stopped moving as much-you showed me!

I can't believe we have a painted nursery and an assembled crib. It makes it really, really real. I'm starting to realize how little time we have before you are here. I wish I was in a better condition to spend some fun, more adventurous times with your daddy. I wish we could have taken a little trip or do more dinners and movies,  but it's ok. We're at home with each other keeping busy around the house. Probably for the best!

You are pretty much all that I think about. Sunday we spent the day by the pool with Auntie A and her best friend, H who is also pregnant and due just a few days after you. H and I got lost in baby product discussion.  I don't know why it's such a fascinating subject for soon to be moms. It was just so nice to be outside and not feel so cooped up.  I've been told not to swim, so I dangled my feet and watched your cousins swim and let them splash me to cool off. It's hot this week!

Your baby shower is now less than two weeks away and I'm so excited to see everyone and celebrate you. Showers are kind of a strange thing. I know it's a right of passage but the whole gift thing makes me uncomfortable. I wish we were all set and could say no gifts or just bring books, but the truth is we actually need some stuff and we just can't manage to get all of the things we'd love to have to make your life and obviously ours, more comfortable. From the crib mattress to swings to bouncers and monitors--it's a lot. Luckily we have a lot of people who are able to make it and are so excited to spoil you. We've been very spoiled so far with lots of support and well wishes. You are already extremely loved by so many people. I know it will be a really special day for me. I  hope I don't get emotional--ut I just might! I never made it to Bremy's baby shower-so this is a big milestone and will also be another victory for this pregnancy.

I pray that you are growing big and strong and that your lungs and organs are forming perfectly. The Dr. tells me 28 weeks is a huge milestone for your development and I just hope we can keep hitting those milestones. Next one is 32 weeks but the truth is, each day is so important. Keep growing my sweet girl!

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