Friday, October 17, 2008

Beauty Remark

Without a particular dress in mind it's difficult to narrow down the hair and makeup, but I have saved a few pictures that have called out to me. I'm still in love with my original hair idea, but I'm saving similar looks so I can make sure my thoughts translate to whomever is styling my hair (tbd). I saved the above photo because I think this a realistic hair option. While I have thought about adding extentions to my thin/short hair, if I decide to go without, I think I would be able to recreate this look. I like the part and the height that is visible in the photo to the right.

image: Snippet & Ink

This is such a popular look and when done correctly it really is stunning. The flower is perfect! If I decide to sport anything other than a veil in my hair, I'd like it to be a fresh flower (gardenia?) but I do love this. Love the color as well!

image: Victor C. Sizemore photography

Ok, so I realize this woman is beyond gorgeous, but even without her killer bone structure and amazing skin, this is beautiful makeup. I love the eyes. Drama without being overkill. I love the lips and the blush too. Very complimentary. I actually tend to wear a lot of makeup everyday, so finding a way to step it up without looking like a drag queen is going to take some practice.
Can we talk about important brows are! Definitely not to be overlooked. Love her bouquet too.

images: Autumn Leaf Photography


  1. Love the hair style choice! You could also combine that look with a birdcage veil if you so choose!

  2. Love all of the pics you chose. My girlfriend has a longer bob and was able to pull off a similar do to the first one. The makeup is amazing!

  3. My wedding hair was similar to the first pic and I loved it! Kelly

  4. Love the make-up. I'm all about dramatic eyes.

  5. great hair choice!

  6. That's just like how I had my make-up trial done at the weekend and I loved it.

  7. I am loving both of those options. Classic and yet stunningly beautiful in a way that could never possibly be boring.