Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well Color Me Purple

I like to make things harder than they are. I know this about myself. I've always, always been this way. Pick a school project: I'll pick something that there is no information on! Pick something to bring to a dinner party: I'll make a 47 ingredient dish that I've never made before! Pick a career...ok ok. You get it.

How about a light mauve-y purple?
photo: We Are the Parsons

I've made picking a bm color very hard! I realize it's still early-plenty of time to dream up colors. But talking over dress ideas with T (one of my bms) I saw her face light up when I said I was contemplating purple.
Beautiful dark purple gowns.

"Purple is my best color!" She exclaimed. But which shade? "Dark" she quickly responded. Somehow we ended up dreaming up a multi-shaded purple bridal party. "That's going to be hard to pull off, " she said. Difficult? I'm in!
Lilac is beautiful!
photo: Whitebox Weddings

I think this shade is my favorite. Nice and smokey.
I've seen quite a few mis-matched bridal parties that I loved. But now that I'm looking for pictures, I can't find any?


  1. Oh yes - purple would be an amazing color to use! I love that last dress - gorgeous!!

  2. I agree purple is an excellent choice!

  3. Dark purple is a great choice! But I think that mismatched purple could be pretty too! Maybe have everyone stick to a similar fabric? All shiny, or none shiny? Or just say heck with it and just tell them to show up in something purple!

  4. Ooh yes please all the darker purple ones are just divine... Can't believe it's so hard to find? You're ahead of the curve, by the time of your wedding you'll see loads, it's just how it goes. If I stumble across anything nice I'll be sure to pass it on!

  5. I love that last shade too. In fact, the dress itself is gorgeous.

  6. I don't normally like purple, but the shades you've chosen to feature are gorgeous. My favourite were the first and last shades!