Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh? This Old Centerpiece?

There's such a fine line between simple centerpieces and empty-looking tables. I'm hoping to play around a bit. I really want a variety of florals. I'd love if no two tables looked the same--but I realize how difficult this look can be to pull off. It's kind of like that tousled hair look. You know, where you spend two hours on your hair so it looks like you just ran your fingers through it and walked out the door? I have a feeling that doing twelve different "simple" centerpieces may be just as hard. We shall see!
Ah. This is the first centerpiece that ever spoke to me. I still love it.
photo: The Knot

I love the idea of potted flowers. Inexpensive, reusable and gorgeous.
photo: Andrea's Images

So pretty, right? I love that the tins are painted. The varying heights are fabulous.

photo: Sweet Paul

Check out the little bowls with single bloom. Gorgeous.
Photo: Rebecca Thuss

Glorious simplicity.


  1. I love them all! We will most likely do our own florals as well, and I totally hear you with the tousled hair analogy!

  2. For the first time, I'm getting excited about centre pieces, thanks to the gorgeous pics you posted! Seeing my florist's mock-up on Wednesday already, so I guess it's a bit late to be sending him pics? I just told him I trust him and left it there, eek!

  3. I like those small purple flowers at the top as well, but can't identify them. Do you know what they're called?

  4. Putting flowers in different size {and color} vases will really make the beautiful blooms stand out all the more :)


    They are called Dalmatiom Bellflowers. Hope this helps!