Thursday, October 9, 2008

The E-Pics Scheme

Here's the thing, DF does not like taking pictures. For every 20 pics we take together, we usually get 2 where he looks normal (as in not making face, staring in a different direction or looking pissed). He gets annoyed when I bust out the camera, and consistently says, "We have plenty of pictures of us". I'm kind of a camer-a-holic, it's always with me. But with DF being so resistant-it's hard to feed my addiction.

Enter the e-session dilemna. I want them. And I want them to be good! And of course I want our wedding day pictures to show the beautiful DF-not the camera-shy DF. In one of my first conversations with Terra Tabbytosavit, she encouraged me to get DF on the e-pic bandwagon. She said she had plenty of experience with camera-shy fiance's and knew that e-sessions were the best way to get him to come out of his shell.
photos: Jasmine Star

We both started to ponder. What could we do that would make DF more excited about having a camera in his face for three hours? I instantly thought: sports! Baseball! San Francisco! Giants! I knew that making our engagement pic location DF-friendly would make it so much easier for all involved. A few phone calls, a connection to AT&T park and it looks like it may happen after all!
photo: Jeff Youngren Photography
photo: Ed Pingol Photography

This last set of shots is from AT&T park. There are some great places around the park and I'm really looking forward to the ballpark plus urban setting. Since our wedding will be in the country, I'd love to give the e-pics a more big city feel. What better place than one of our homes away from home?

So we have the where. Now we must decide on when!


  1. Lucky for Bryan, our budget does not allow for an e-session. He sounds just like your FI. I think no one told him to smile when he was younger or something...! That is such a great idea to go somewhere that will make him happy :) I am sure your pictures will turn out amazing! Oh the things we do to make our men happy :)

  2. Baseball e-session are more fun than you can imagine! You two are going to have an absolute blast!