Sunday, October 19, 2008

Little Lovelies

From the instant I found out that Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine came in a can [straw included] I knew they were a must have for my bms while getting ready. They are just too freakin cute. Available here. Picutre by Amy Carroll photography

Rustic-Chic thank you tags from Mrs. Cherry Pie's Montana Wedding. From this Weddingbee Post
I found this shot incredibly inspirational. I love the jar, the table, the candle, the pink of the roses and the disheveled look of the lavender (is that everything?). I just stare at it and my entire wedding starts to play in my head. Photo by Jose Villa, via Project Wedding
Absolutely gorgeous invitations from Lovely Morning via Peonies and Polaroids. My favorite part is the ribbon that holds it all together. Perfection.
Is the weekend over already? Hope you are all ready for another week!


  1. Oh those little Sofia's would be perfect for while getting ready! And would make for some sweet pictures :) Hmm.. we are getting ready at 8:00 AM though... so I guess we will need to provide orange juice as well :)

  2. love the mini cans.

  3. I am the bride in which Amy Carroll (photographer & pic above) captured our mini Sofia's!! They were SUCH a hit with the bridesmaids. Definitely worth it!!