Thursday, October 9, 2008

More on E-Pics

Since my engagement pictures are on the brain, I thought I'd post a couple more shots that I found today. I laughed as soon as I laid eyes on both of these shots.
You see, I work with criminals and a lot of my job involves jail (unfortunately) so this one made me chuckle a bit. I like the use of their birthdays as the prison number.

photo: Thorsen Photography

DF's job is way more fun! He works in the beer industry and let's just say that this aisle is his office. Love how colorful this shot is.

photo: [b]ecker

Fun, right?


  1. That first one is hilarious! I love their expressions!

  2. those are great!! very original. I need to get to thinking about an idea for our e-pics that says something about 'us'