Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

B and I dressed up last weekend (as white trash bikers!) and went out to a big party, so tonight we're stayin' in and handing out candy to all the neighborhood kiddies. We usually get a big crowd, but it looks like it's supposed to rain up here-so I hope it clears up in time! While Halloween is not really my favorite-I do enjoy the kids in their costumes.

This is our lil' punkin all dressed up last year. We had a doggie halloween party for all of my friends who have "kids". It was hilarious-the costumes didn't last long, but Maverick managed to give me a pose.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well Color Me Purple

I like to make things harder than they are. I know this about myself. I've always, always been this way. Pick a school project: I'll pick something that there is no information on! Pick something to bring to a dinner party: I'll make a 47 ingredient dish that I've never made before! Pick a career...ok ok. You get it.

How about a light mauve-y purple?
photo: We Are the Parsons

I've made picking a bm color very hard! I realize it's still early-plenty of time to dream up colors. But talking over dress ideas with T (one of my bms) I saw her face light up when I said I was contemplating purple.
Beautiful dark purple gowns.

"Purple is my best color!" She exclaimed. But which shade? "Dark" she quickly responded. Somehow we ended up dreaming up a multi-shaded purple bridal party. "That's going to be hard to pull off, " she said. Difficult? I'm in!
Lilac is beautiful!
photo: Whitebox Weddings

I think this shade is my favorite. Nice and smokey.
I've seen quite a few mis-matched bridal parties that I loved. But now that I'm looking for pictures, I can't find any?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh? This Old Centerpiece?

There's such a fine line between simple centerpieces and empty-looking tables. I'm hoping to play around a bit. I really want a variety of florals. I'd love if no two tables looked the same--but I realize how difficult this look can be to pull off. It's kind of like that tousled hair look. You know, where you spend two hours on your hair so it looks like you just ran your fingers through it and walked out the door? I have a feeling that doing twelve different "simple" centerpieces may be just as hard. We shall see!
Ah. This is the first centerpiece that ever spoke to me. I still love it.
photo: The Knot

I love the idea of potted flowers. Inexpensive, reusable and gorgeous.
photo: Andrea's Images

So pretty, right? I love that the tins are painted. The varying heights are fabulous.

photo: Sweet Paul

Check out the little bowls with single bloom. Gorgeous.
Photo: Rebecca Thuss

Glorious simplicity.

The Avocados

Jenna's pictures are here! Post by post-I'm so excited to see how her fabulous day turned out!
One of my favorites!

Going Out in Style

Have I mentioned how incredibly thrilled I am that our venue comes with 2 classic Cadillac convertibles? Have I also mentioned that my Dad's first question to the venue's coordinator was whether pyrotechnics were permitted?

photo: ? any help?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

These Boots

I gotta get me some.


Absolutely adore this picture from Meghan W Photography.

Check out A Glimpse of the Girl Next Door to see Abbie's amazing boot collection!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I've been meaning to officially invite my girls to be bridesmaids for months. While I did ask my MOH to be my maid of honor the night we were engaged, I had been waiting to ask my other bms until I could think of a great way to do it! With five bms in 4 different cities, I knew I'd have to mail something to them. I took my time and came up with a sweet little bag of goodies for my favorite ladies!
These are three of the bags all ready to go. "T" was up in norcal for a family visit this weekend so I sent her down south with two other bm bags so I wouldn't have to deal with shipping these bad boys. I decided to turn the letters into magnets. I bought the unfinished wood at JoAnn's, stained them with a walnut finish, then tied them to the bag with a thin mauve ribbon.I was going for a proposal theme. I found these small boxes at Michael's for 50cents. I wrote on a white circle, "Will you" and fastened it with a sticky zot. The "ring" was a ring pop of course, nestled on some curly raffia I picked up at Big Lots. The white circle inside says: "say yes!"This brown accordian envelope was from Martha's line at Michael's. It holds five photos in 4x6 slots. I stamped our date on the outside with stamps I found at Tuesday Morning. I had the paint on hand. I has hoping it would come out less solid, but I think it still has the messy look I was going for. Inside the accordian envelope was my bridesmaid poem, three pictures (one from high school, one from college and one more recent). The bottom slot was a personal note I wrote to each bm. They turned out all mushy and sweet. It was nice to get to say some really meaningful things. It's been a while since I've told them how much they mean to me!
Inside the bag was a mix CD that I threw together. As you can see I didn't have any CD cases on hand so I printed the list of songs, along with an explanation of who it reminds me of on an envelope. I warned them that these are not the best songs in the world, but whenever I hear any of them it takes me back to a very specific memory of one of my girls!

I also included a notepad from the dollar bin at Michaels. I wrote out my Googlegroup site where I hope to be able to keep in touch with them regarding wedding business.

I love when people do this for their DIY so I'll break it down for ya:
Small White Gift Bags: 10 for $3.88 or 39 cents each x5= $1.95+tax
Unfinished Wood Letters: 99cents each= $5+tax
Thin Mauve Ribbon: about $4.00 for the spool, I used about half= $2.00
Brown Accordian Picture Envelopes: $1.99 each= $10.00+tax
CDs: borrowed from DF ;)=Free
Small Boxes: 50cents eachx5=$2.50+tax
Ring Pops: Two for $1= $2.50
Raffia: $2.50 ( I used about 1/20th of the package)
Stick on Magnet Strips: $2.99 for a pack of 6. I used three total= about $2.00
Notepads: $1 each=$5.00
Stamps: $3.00
Paint: Already had it= Free
Paper: Construction paper I had on hand= Free!

Grand Total: About $45 or $9/each with tax.
I will use so much of it for other projects that it actually breaks down to be less, but that's what I spent hunting down items for these bags-not bad!
I'm not a huge DIY person-so this was a big first step for me. I was with T when she opened hers and she was definitely excited! I can't wait for showers and dress shopping!

A Shmorgusboard of Sweets

I just love this look. I think I'm still leaning toward a traditional 3-4 tiered buttercream cake, but I think I'm going to ask about this option just to see. The variety of textures, colors and flavors make such a great statement.

photo: by Stewart Marcano, Via Snippet & Ink

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A&B Carved in a tree!

I love that monogram at the top. I've been looking for an inspiring monogram, but nothing has clicked yet. I only want the letters A and B, and I'm thinking lower case. I had it pictured with a huge ampersand (&), but I do love the look of the plus sign. Could this be it?

I'll take it!

photo: Thorsen Photography
I seriously adored Natalie's (aka Mrs. Peacock) wedding. The venue, the dresses, the flowers-it was very classy and stunning. I'm so inspired by these bm dresses and bouquets. Gorgeous!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Currently trying to figure out the logistics of capturing such a unique dress-shot.
Photo: gabriel.ryan.photographers
Photo: Kelli Nicole Photography

Dress in a tree? Dress in a barn? Dress heaven!

Little Lovelies

From the instant I found out that Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine came in a can [straw included] I knew they were a must have for my bms while getting ready. They are just too freakin cute. Available here. Picutre by Amy Carroll photography

Rustic-Chic thank you tags from Mrs. Cherry Pie's Montana Wedding. From this Weddingbee Post
I found this shot incredibly inspirational. I love the jar, the table, the candle, the pink of the roses and the disheveled look of the lavender (is that everything?). I just stare at it and my entire wedding starts to play in my head. Photo by Jose Villa, via Project Wedding
Absolutely gorgeous invitations from Lovely Morning via Peonies and Polaroids. My favorite part is the ribbon that holds it all together. Perfection.
Is the weekend over already? Hope you are all ready for another week!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Beauty Remark

Without a particular dress in mind it's difficult to narrow down the hair and makeup, but I have saved a few pictures that have called out to me. I'm still in love with my original hair idea, but I'm saving similar looks so I can make sure my thoughts translate to whomever is styling my hair (tbd). I saved the above photo because I think this a realistic hair option. While I have thought about adding extentions to my thin/short hair, if I decide to go without, I think I would be able to recreate this look. I like the part and the height that is visible in the photo to the right.

image: Snippet & Ink

This is such a popular look and when done correctly it really is stunning. The flower is perfect! If I decide to sport anything other than a veil in my hair, I'd like it to be a fresh flower (gardenia?) but I do love this. Love the color as well!

image: Victor C. Sizemore photography

Ok, so I realize this woman is beyond gorgeous, but even without her killer bone structure and amazing skin, this is beautiful makeup. I love the eyes. Drama without being overkill. I love the lips and the blush too. Very complimentary. I actually tend to wear a lot of makeup everyday, so finding a way to step it up without looking like a drag queen is going to take some practice.
Can we talk about important brows are! Definitely not to be overlooked. Love her bouquet too.

images: Autumn Leaf Photography

Monday, October 13, 2008

Blushing Bride

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and many blogs are paying tribute by posting lovely pink wedding details. I saw this Maggie Sottero on something blue blog and fell in LOVE with it's blush pink hue. I've been toying with the idea of a champagne colored dress--something other than ivory. But, when I saw this, I started to think about my complexion and couldn't help but think that this dusty pink may be just right. I think the other-than-white color really gives the fabric a certain lushness and really adds a sense of romance.
I wonder if there is anywhere to try on a pink gown? I'd want to see it. Also, I'm very, very seriously considering ordering my gown from China. I haven't budgeted much for my dress, and I'd much rather put money towards food and music. If anyone has any experience with ordering direct from China I'd love to hear about it!


Wow, it's amazing what a day off can do for your soul. I woke up pretty early, ate my breakfast slowly, talked with mom on the phone, made a much-needed trip to the grocery store, took Maverick for a long walk in our favorite park, came home to make lunch and get some chores taken care of. I miss days like these! Not to mention it is absoultely gorgeous outside--I love, love this time of year!

Here's Maverick taking a rest after our long walk!

Now it's time to catch up on some reading...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Story of A&B Part III: You Had me at Bear Hug

image source: here
read part I here
read part II here

I realize how horrible this sounds, but DF and I often preface our first date story by admitting that it sounds like the intro to one of those 48-Hour Mystery shows. You know, the ones where the highly rational law student disappears when she secretly meets up with random no-profile picture Internet boy? Where the best friend is shown tearing up as she explains that this was completely out of character. Cue dog search scene, childhood photo montage and the slow-talking narrator and you're hooked.

Needless to say my risky, completely out of character behavior paid off. But I still get raised eyebrows when I give the details of our first meeting.

After two weeks of incredibly lengthy and intimate phone conversations things were getting too intense. I started to feel as though I really, really knew him, yet, the lack of physical knowledge was becoming overwhelming and, well, kinda weird.

Looking back I'm not sure why we didn't just meet up for a quick bite. I guess we both knew that whenever we did finally meet, there wouldn't be anything quick about it. Unfortunately the upcoming weekend wasn't looking very good for a date. My best friend (MOH) was having a huge birthday bash. She lives about two hours away, so I was trying to decide what to do.
Luckily I was able to convince DF that a Friday night date wouldn't be so bad. He had been hesitant to do anything on Friday because he usually worked pretty late. Fortunately he was able to get away in time to prep for our very first meeting that particular Friday. DF's home was about ten minutes away from my apartment. Since I knew he would be rushing home from work, I offered to meet him at his house so he wouldn't have to pick me up.
I know.

Honestly, I have NO idea how this became the plan. I would NEVER advise anyone to do this. Hello? Danger! Danger! Right? But for some reason I had absolutely no doubt that DF was the most genuinely honest and sincere man I'd ever spoken with. Aren't serial killers usually really convincing? Yeah--I realize how it sounds. But there was just something inside of me that made it seem completely normal.
So Friday night. I'm prepping for my date and also packing for my trip to visit MOH for her birthday. My plan was to leave from our date and drive out to her house late that night. She was the only one who knew about the date--and she insisted on knowing all of his information (good, level-headed friend!)

I called her as I made my way over to his house. I wasn't scared nervous but I was giddy nervous. I pulled up and the house looked dark. I told her I was hanging up. I was walking to the front door. She said she was calling me back in five minutes.

As I gathered my gift for him (homemade chocolate chip cookies) I saw the blinds in the front window move. Oh God! He's watching me! I started to feel actual nervousness at this point.

He opened his door with a huge bouquet of pink roses. I don't even think we said anything at that moment. There was about a quarter-second where I questioned whether it was him (I had only seen one very old, very cropped picture).But before I knew it I was wrapped in a bear hug on his front porch. I've never felt a bigger shift of emotions than I did in that moment. I went from anxious ball of nerves to instant ease and comfort.

He ushered me inside and gave me a tour of his house. Then suddenly, we shared our first kiss. I know, I know. This date is so ass-backwards: we talked on the phone for way too long before meeting, I showed up at his house, now I was kissing someone before they even bought me dinner! But let's just say that I'll never, ever forget that moment. We still talk about it with a certain glow.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Three Day

Three day weekend thanks to Christopher Colombus Beautiful ML dress photographed by kelly moore photography.

Someone stop me before I want to pay big money for a dress I'll wear once.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Story of A&B Part II: The Butterflies

Read Part I here.

In the week following our initial email exchange future DF and I spoke on the phone every single day. The first time he called was on a weeknight. I was a first year law student at that point and literally had about one hour of down time before I went to bed. I spent three talking with him that night. The conversation was effortless.
photo: flickr

As the weekend approached, I began to expect a date. Picking up on my anticipation, he apologized and told me that he was hosting a poker party that weekend and wouldn't be able to meet up until the next weekend.

"Um?" I responded, "you're having a 36 hour poker party? You can't find a moment to grab a coffee or something?".

He laughed, "I know, most guys do a coffee date, but I already know I want to take you to dinner. Believe me, I'll be ready to take you out next weekend." I was a little confused, but didn't let it get to me. I had no plans for that weekend, so I logged on to match and opened another forgotten email. Responded. Had a date. Went on date. It was the worst.

As I was walking away from failed date with guy #3, I flipped open my cell phone and started to dial DF's number. I knew he'd get a good laugh out of this awful guy. I remember pausing just before hitting "call"-realizing that it was entirely inappropriate to complain about failed date to a guy I'd never I scrolled down and dialed MOH.

I did speak with DF that night. He called me late. "Aren't you at your poker party?" I asked, hearing voices and music in the background. Apparently he called me as soon as people started leaving. I could hear him telling people he was talking with me. They seemed to know who I was!I melted. I knew that we were both on the same page. That night we talked until five in the morning.
The butterflies started that night.
I didn't tell anyone about it, it almost felt like it wasn't really happening. Who does this? I thought every time we would finally hang up the phone. Needless to say, I was dying to meet him. Would I really have to wait another week?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

More on E-Pics

Since my engagement pictures are on the brain, I thought I'd post a couple more shots that I found today. I laughed as soon as I laid eyes on both of these shots.
You see, I work with criminals and a lot of my job involves jail (unfortunately) so this one made me chuckle a bit. I like the use of their birthdays as the prison number.

photo: Thorsen Photography

DF's job is way more fun! He works in the beer industry and let's just say that this aisle is his office. Love how colorful this shot is.

photo: [b]ecker

Fun, right?

The E-Pics Scheme

Here's the thing, DF does not like taking pictures. For every 20 pics we take together, we usually get 2 where he looks normal (as in not making face, staring in a different direction or looking pissed). He gets annoyed when I bust out the camera, and consistently says, "We have plenty of pictures of us". I'm kind of a camer-a-holic, it's always with me. But with DF being so resistant-it's hard to feed my addiction.

Enter the e-session dilemna. I want them. And I want them to be good! And of course I want our wedding day pictures to show the beautiful DF-not the camera-shy DF. In one of my first conversations with Terra Tabbytosavit, she encouraged me to get DF on the e-pic bandwagon. She said she had plenty of experience with camera-shy fiance's and knew that e-sessions were the best way to get him to come out of his shell.
photos: Jasmine Star

We both started to ponder. What could we do that would make DF more excited about having a camera in his face for three hours? I instantly thought: sports! Baseball! San Francisco! Giants! I knew that making our engagement pic location DF-friendly would make it so much easier for all involved. A few phone calls, a connection to AT&T park and it looks like it may happen after all!
photo: Jeff Youngren Photography
photo: Ed Pingol Photography

This last set of shots is from AT&T park. There are some great places around the park and I'm really looking forward to the ballpark plus urban setting. Since our wedding will be in the country, I'd love to give the e-pics a more big city feel. What better place than one of our homes away from home?

So we have the where. Now we must decide on when!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Beautiful Table

I found myself swooning over every detail of this table.
mmm. Candles.
Tucked lavender. DF loves the smell of lavender...
The little wood box is so perfect.

All photos: Ryan Phillips Photography

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Story of A&B, Part I

Within two hours of being at work this morning about ten different things when very, very wrong. I was running in about ten different directions when I got a call from DF. He told me he was waiting outside my office. Since our door requires a pass, I ran out to see what was up. We often go to lunch together, but it was a little early. I was kind of annoyed, but also glad to escape the chaos of the office for the moment. I saw the flowers before I saw him. A beautiful purple hydrangea plant in a gorgeous brown basket. Tears came to my eyes as I realized that he had remembered our three year anniversary.

Originally, I didn't intend for this blog to get very personal, but I have enjoyed others' posts about their relationships and their own love stories, that I thought I'd give a cliff notes version of ours (ok, turns out I went into a lot of detail-so I decided to break it up so it's not a novel)

I've mentioned before that DF was the fourth person I met through MOH and I joined match together when we moved to Northern California from San Diego. I was living in a brand new city, my new roommate had a boyfriend and I was bored, curious and in a place where I was very open to new possibilities.

I actually really enjoyed the first two guys I met on match. The first guy wasn't looking for anything too serious-we went out a few times, had our fun and realizing we were both "just looking"-we moved on. Guy #2 was a total sweetie. Or so I thought. He took me on a really great date-very well thought out, very romantic and very fun. I was totally into being wined and dined. We had a pretty immediate physical attraction, but our conversation wasn't the best. When he cancelled our plans to meet again I was kinda bummed.

Ok, I was a lot bummed. The night that I was supposed to be out with him (he cancelled the day before) I was home alone and feeling pretty pathetic for being so upset about a guy I barely new. I logged on to match and started to read some emails that I had previously ignored while I was busy having fun with guy#2. I saw a short and simple email complete with happy faces shaped like baseballs. While I thought this guy was probably not looking for anything serious (his profile had one very cropped, very blurry picture), I decided to write back. I got a response about twenty minutes later. Yeah-definite creeper, I thought. He's home on a Saturday night too? But, we were instantly exchanging witty emails. He already had me laughing--and intrigued. After three emails back and forth I realized I was flirting via Internet! I went to bed that night with a smile. I was completely caught off guard by this short but sweet exchange.