Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dollars for Dahlias and other Flower Prices

What was I thinking blindely "hoping" that the flower fairy would whisper prices per stem in my ear as I slept, suddenly making me more educated about a realistic floral budget? Hello, law school grad, maybe you should, um, do some freakin' research!
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Oh, yeah...right. Honestly, I think I've been afraid...afraid that knowing the prices of florals was going to set me over the edge! I can't take any more sticker-shock! The reality is that I don't have any great budget-florist recommendations and florals and cake are going on the super budgeted items list, so I have to get on it. I'm seriously considering having a family friend do our flowers. But it makes me nerv. As in nervous.

Here's what ten whole minutes of research has afforded me:
hydrangea- about $6-$11 per stem depending on size.
garden roses- I found a beautiful pink variety for around $5/stem through a wholesale site
dahlias- $2-$4 per stem
carnations-about 70cents per stem!

I found most of this valuable information from Fiftyflowers.com- love this site! I realize that this is the wholesale price. But, with anything, I like to know what ballpark I'm on with prices. If I do decide to go with a florist, I think this will be valuable information.

I've heard good things about dahlias. I love the puffy variety. Pardon me for not knowing the proper terminology. I told you I only researched for ten minutes. Bear with me.

Check it: dahlias, hydrangeas and roses...

Photo: Flickr

Do I dare say, that with the help of the dahlia I may be able to create beautiful bouquets and centerpieces on a reasonable floral budget?


  1. I love dahlias! Great choice... and great pics!

  2. I'm having dahlias at my wedding! Kelly

  3. I am no stranger to this battle! We've decided to do pillar candles with 2 small & medium mint julep cups (via save on crafts dot com) filled with dahlias, vendella roses, and winter berries. We've purchased the supplies direct (candles, candle vases, mint julep cups, etc.) and will be selling EVERYTHING after the wedding... But seriously, from the photos above, it seems as though you like a more organic-looking arrangement, which isn't all that hard to do... So, go with the family friend! More power to you and your budget staying-power! Good luck!