Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sometimes it just hits you

Can you believe it's been seven years since the tragedy of 9/11? I was just starting my first week of college in San Diego and went to my morning chem class without knowing any of the details. I had only heard "The pentagon is on fire" when my radio alarm woke me up before I clicked it off to trek down to the dorm shower room. I went to two classes that day, completely unaware of how devestating the event was. Even when my Spanish teacher broke down in tears in front of the class, I had no clue of the magnitude. It wasn't until 7pm that night that my roommate and I found a TV so we could see the replay of the plane hitting the building. All of a sudden it became real. I'll never forget that moment. source

I got misty-eyed this morning thinking about all of those who lost their friends and family as a result of that day. My thoughts then shifted to how thankful I am for my loved ones, how lucky I am to have found DF, and how much I want to marry him and become his wife. Then it just hit me-we are just over a year away from exchanging vows. So thankful.

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