Monday, September 29, 2008


Still haven't even thought about trying on a wedding gown. The more I read of Bridal Bargains, the more I do not want to enter a bridal store or boutique. I'm still thinking lace, I'm still thinking sleeves. I'm also thinking of purchasing direct from China.

But this....this makes me want luxe.

It just looks like it would feel amazing. She's totally working it too.

Beautiful shot captured by gabriel.ryan.photographers.


  1. just wanted to say hello, that i adore the blog, and say congrats on the weight loss goals!

  2. They say - "When you put on a dress and you love it, give it to somebody else to try on. If you are jealous of them in it, and covet the gown, it should be yours"

    Cheers, and good luck!
    the überBrides Team

  3. kristi rocked this dress, from the ballroom of the biltmore to the beach. good luck on your dress search...