Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wedding in the Round

I have always thought it would be so lovely to have a circular seating arrangement for the ceremony. We will be married on a hilltop that boasts panoramic views, and this arrangement would allow for people to really enjoy this special spot.
Image via: Weddingbee

Additionally, I love the intimacy that this arrangement creates. I want our guests to feel close to us. I want them to see our tears, hear our excitement and feel the love between us. There wont be a bad seat! The sun-in-eyes issue will dictate whether we do a complete circle, or just a semi-circle.
Image Via: The Bride's Cafe

I think that exchanging vows in the center of a circle of support and love would be so incredibly symbolic. What do you think? Does anyone foresee any additional hang-ups with this type of arrangement?


  1. I absolutely LOVE the circle set up. I'd never seen it before Mrs. Bee posted about her cousin's wedding on Weddingbee! I think it's a fantastic idea and I love the symbolism behind it. I wish our venue could accommodate this type of setup!

  2. I LOVE the circle set up and have planned to get married in this way since long before I met my partner. We will have a similar set up in Oct09 and our challenge has been to find a venue to support it. I absolutely agree with you about the intimacy and symbolism! Have a wonderful time!