Monday, September 22, 2008

You Say Boo-kay, I say bow-kay, Pt. II

I wish I knew more about the cost of flowers. I keep bookmarking bouquets with no real idea of what kind of dough I will have to shell out to recreate it.

Photo via: Knottie Bio Mrs. T to be, photo by: Amy Carroll Photography

I still love my original favorites that I posted about in the past. Here is a continuation of what I'm thinking for my own bouquet: Mostly white, disheveled, with a fresh from the garden look.

The bouquet to the right is what caught my eye. Love the sweet peas (I think that's what those little pink flowers are), the huge roses and the lack of structure to the arrangement.
photo via: Artfool
I'm absolutely in love with the white bouquet with plenty of green stems and a pop of purple or fuchsia.
photo by: Terra Tabbytosavit
See the little spot of color?
photo by: Gabriel Ryan

This one is probably my favorite! Love the pink rose, there are also some hydrangeas worked in which I love!
photo by: A Bryan Photography

I'm thinking that the pop of color in my bouquet will either match my bm's dresses (if they are a purple color) or their bouquets (which will be more colorful).

I'd love to hear any budget friendly ideas!


  1. Fresh, local, in season. I can't repeat those words enough to my florist.

  2. i say bow-kay... and i never pictured myself saying something like this, but flowers are a big deal. they can really add a great accent or take away from an event. great post.