Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Sometimes it is easier to wrap your head around what you don't want, rather than make decisions about what you actually do want. So I give you: what I don't want.

First, stephanotis. It's not that I think they're ugly. More like-too perfect. They look fake to me. I've seen them look ok in a mixed bouquet, but I'd just rather not. Since I'm picking on flowers, I'll also note that I do not want any calla lillies. Or any type of orchid. Love them, but too sleek for the rustic look.

Super edgy engagement pics. My DF and I are not the random/funky/let's pretend we hate each other- in- this -pic- type people. I want my e-pics to be hot but more on the"normal" side.
I think Bret and I in matching outfits would be a crack up. Just can't do it. And this pose doesn't go over so well... source

The color blue. Yes, I'm considering navy blue bm dresses. Yes, I'll have something blue. But nothing else.

Lame Favors. Ok, so not that one would use this as an actual wedding favor, but you know what I'm talkin' about. It's either gonna taste good or be super fun.

The Veil Kiss-it's never been one of my favorites. I suppose I wont refuse to take this shot. If it happens, it happens. But if we miss it, all the better. source

I'd love to hear everyone else's no.can.dos.


  1. Add daisies and roses to your list of no-go flowers and we could practically be the same person.

  2. Ugh, that engagement shot is gross. (No offence whoever owns it!)

    My no.1 no can do is men in matching clothes. I'm also not having any women in matching clothes...

  3. The veil shot is the worst thing EVER. PERIOD. I don't know why photographer's orchestrate these.

    Another No-can-do of mine is black and white photos with one thing in color- such as the bride's bouquet. Tackiest sh*t ever. It's not an impressive photoshop technique- I have yet to see a photo like that that is actually good. No ma'am, no thank you.

  4. Had to post a second time...I thought of one that is a no-no for me: Groom/Groomsmen with the colored vest or cummerbund. Very 80s and definitely no recommended!

  5. Keep em coming! These are great.

    @Jessica-I thought about posting about the b/w with colored accent shots but I didn't even want to put an example on my blog. If a photog has one of those posted, it's an instant no-can-do!!

  6. That e-pic is hilarious - and totally inappropriate!!

    No can do: the chicken dance.

  7. I have to agree with the matchy matchy groomsman. Another no can do white tuxes. Hate them. I also can't stand Hummer limos(especially white ones) the scream prom.

  8. hilarious post. calla lillies. Hate um! ;)

  9. omg i agree with all of the above. what in the world is going on with that couple's engagement photo?!!? ewwww.

  10. I'm not the hugest fan of unity candles. so cheesy, outdated.

    tiaras are also a bit too princessy for me, but hey, who am I??

    I--like you--despise the edgy engagement pics. do you honestly hang out near crime-infested, graffiti-tagged streets, hand-in-hand?? no, you don't.

    okay, off my soapbox now. great post, btw! :)

  11. I second the black and white with one color photos, ugh! i'm also not going to do the photos where everyone in the wedding party is jumping, yak. We are taking our e-pics on a vintage trolley in downtown next weekend, i'm so excited!

  12. i randomly just found your blog, read this post, and decided i love you! i couldn't agree with you more. yay!

  13. The jumping shot of the wedding party: everyone jumps at once, as if we're all jumping for joy at once. Ugh. Too posed.