Monday, September 8, 2008

Finding Flowers

I'm leaning toward the idea of having a professional florist create the wedding party bouquets and 'bouts and leaving the reception and centerpiece florals to a family friend who offered to do our flowers. We'll see what a florist quotes me, but I think it may be the only way for me to stick to a relatively minimal floral budget.

Image: Toasts and Tables

I found a great resource today. The Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers offers an amazingly informative site. I found a link to California Growers, clicked on retail and found a great listing of flower availability by month! You can search several months and the list links to a picture, description, vase-life and popular uses for each bloom. So informative!

Image: The Nichols Blog

It was nice to confirm that all of the flowers I love should be available in early October. I also discovered some flowers I'd never heard of!


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  2. Great idea. I thought of doing that but in the end I decided to trust my sister to DIY them!

  3. I'm trying to cut costs on flowers too- I definitely want our bouquets and bouts done well, but i'm thinking of either doing our own centerpiece arrangements or not have any floral decor at all! flowers are so expensive and rarely last much longer than the day... money would be better spent elsewhere...

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